Back in September OpenRelay launched support for 0x v2 on mainnet. Since then, we have concurrently supported both our /v0 endpoint (for 0x v1) and our /v2 endpoint (for 0x v2). If you’ve followed us on Github, you’d know that our v1 support and v2 support are managed in separate branches of our Git repository, and in many cases bugfixes and other updates have to be made independently to both branches.

As we start implementing some of our planned features, we have to decide whether to implement them on both our v1 and v2 branches, or if its time to retire our v1 support. As the 0x project team has indicated an intent to disable the 0x v1 exchange contract in the near future, we have decided not to put too much additional effort into supporting 0x v1.

Right now, the 0x v1 endpoint supports our Embiggen Airdrop. The orders created for the Embiggen Airdrop are set to expire at 12:00 AM CST on January 1st. Soon after that, we will stop accepting new orders to our 0x v1 order book. If there are unfilled, unexpired orders in our v1 order book at that time, we will leave the order book up in a read-only capacity through January 31st. After that, we will disable the 0x v1 order book completely.

In the meantime, we plan to make any necessary bug fixes and security updates to our v1 endpoints as we do our v2 endpoints. New features will only be implemented in v1 as absolutely necessary. If you have questions or concerns about our timeline, we invite you to reach out to us on Gitter.