Back in March we announced Embiggen - A Perferctly Cromulent Token from OpenRelay. Embiggen is a fun, proof-of-concept token, where you earn interest on your Embiggen (paid in more Embiggen) for every hour you hold Embiggen in your wallet. At the time people thought it seemed like a neat idea, but there was no way for you to get your own Embiggen.


Since announcing Embiggen, we’ve been working on the Embiggen Airdrop. As of today, we’ve loaded OpenRelay with one 0x Order for every Ethereum address we could find as of late April, 2018 - about 27 million orders in total. If you have an Ethereum address that held Ether at that time, you should be able to search OpenRelay and find an order pre-made especially for you. You can take that offer to the 0x Exchange Contract, and claim 30 Embiggen tokens.

If you didn’t have an Ethereum address in late April, or your ETH was held in a centralized exchange that doesn’t enable you to make contract calls, it’s okay. We’ll create a 0x order for you as needed, at least while supplies last.

The sooner you claim your Embiggen, the more time it will have to grow, so step over to to claim your Embiggen.


Stress Testing

The Embiggen Airdrop has been a great way for OpenRelay to refine our tools and our processes. Our Massive Toolchain was built out of needs created by the Embiggen Airdrop. We rewrote our order watching system from the ground up to support pruning an order book with millions of orders. We optimized our order ingest system to be able to ingest 27 million orders with only about 50,000 Ethereum RPC calls - and that’s without giving Embiggen any special treatment. We drastically improved our back-end monitoring capabilities, and started introducing autoscaling capabilities to our microservices. That’s to say nothing of the countless bugs that were flushed out and fixed along the way.

All of these improvements were made because of the pressure the Embiggen Airdrop put on OpenRelay, showing us one bottleneck after another.

We have one last phase to the Embiggen Airdrop, after which we will move OpenRelay from Alpha status to Beta status - that’s to have the community search OpenRelay for their Embiggen orders and fill them against the exchange. This will help put pressure on the search side of our system, and make sure that orders are pruned properly as they get filled. Once we’ve seen enough traffic on that side of the system, we’ll be confident that OpenRelay is stable enough to wear the beta badge instead of staying in Alpha.

User Experience

The dApp we developed for claiming Embiggen tested out some new user experience processes. We take you through the process of setting up a web3 enabled browser, acquiring the necessary ETH, and claiming your Embiggen in just a few easy steps.

Part of our goal is to prepare people for token trading. By the time you’ve claimed your Embiggen, you’ll have everything you need to get deeper into the decentralized trading ecosystem.


Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be releasing a series of blog posts on the technical side of the Embiggen Airdrop. If you’re interested in how this all works, be sure to check back for the details. Topics we’ll be covering include: