While we were working on the Embiggen Airdrop, we needed to distribute Embiggen tokens and ETH to over 30 different Etheruem addresses. We could have done this as a very tedious exercise of submitting a bunch of transactions and waiting for them to confirm, but instead we threw together a contract to streamline the process.

The contract has two functions — one for sending ETH to a list of accounts, and one for sending tokens to a list of accounts. We sent what we needed to send, waited for two transactions to confirm (instead of over 60) and went on our way.

A couple of weeks later, some Reddit threads revealed that this is a challenge lots of people are trying to solve. I linked people to our contract, welcoming people to come use it, but the user experience was somewhat lacking. So for the past few days the OpenRelay team has been putting some spare cycles into Fling, a browser UI for sending tokens to lots of addresses at once.

Fling abstracts away the difference between sending ETH and sending tokens, with the caveat that you have to set an allowance for Fling to send tokens on your behalf. We have a long list of tokens to choose from out of the box, and you can always add your own.

For now, Fling only works if you want to send the same amount to everyone on your list. That’s what we needed when we developed the contract, and it saves gas over specifying an amount for each recipient. It there’s interest in a variant that would support different amounts to each recipient, let us know and we can plan a future release.

Check it out at fling.openrelay.xyz.

If you need some tokens to Fling at people, we’re still giving away Embiggen at get.embiggen.me. Fling also supports NotCoin, so you could just Fling that if you prefer.