When OpenRelay was originally released the Standard Relayer API (SRA) was still in flux. In order to give our consumers a stable API, we created a /v0.0 endpoint to be used while the SRA was finalized. Now that the SRA has been finalized for several months, and the vast majority of our traffic targets the /v0 endpoint, we will be disabling the /v0.0 endpoint in one week.

Our logs indicate that only about 5% of our current traffic goes to the /v0.0 endpoint, so we expect this will only effect a small subset of our users.

This will accompany several backend changes within OpenRelay. The /v0.0 endpoint is backed by a DynamoDB storage engine, while the /v0 endpoint is backed by a SQL storage engine. Historically they have been managed by the same backend processes and showed the same data. However we have some upcoming enhancements that would be very difficult to implement with the DynamoDB backend, so we have decided to retire it. Rather than re-implement the /v0.0 endpoint against the SQL backend, we have decided to retire the /v0.0 endpoint as well.

The /v0 endpoint will be supported for as long as OpenRelay supports v1 of the 0x Exchange Contract. How long we support v1 of the 0x Exchange Contract will depend on the migration path from v1 to v2, and at this point there is not enough information available to us to make such projections.