OpenRelay has had a lot going on over the last month, but the blog hasn’t seen much action. Many of our items seemed too small to justify their own post, or aren’t quite finished. Today we’ll give you a quick update on everything we have going on.

0x V2 Support

Throughout July and August we updated you about support for 0x v2. The 0x Project Team just announced that 0x v2 is live on mainnet. The big highlight for OpenRelay is that we now support trading ERC721 tokens on mainnet, as well as the ERC20 tokens we have historically supported. There are numerous other features in 0x v2, but many of those will require further work on the relayers’ side.


We were invited to give a talk on blockchain technology at the annual conference of the National Association of Legislative IT. This may sound like a strange interlude, but OpenRelay’s co-founders actually met building software in the legislative space. We were thrilled for the opportunity to talk with the IT staff of state legislatures about the technology that powers OpenRelay. We’re also happy to have an open dialog with governments, to make sure they have the best possible information on the implictions of blockchain technology.

You can see a video of the talk on our YouTube channel.

Widgets Library

OpenRelay has started work on a widgets library for building tools to trade on OpenRelay or other Standard Relayer API implementations. The widgets library is based on LitElement, and aims to provide simple widgets that can easily be integrated into any website.

The Widget Library focused on 0x v2. It’s very much a work in progress at the moment, but some of the earliest 0x v2 transactions on mainnet were made with our widgets library. On our YouTube channel, we’ve had a high level overview and a technical deep dive on the Widgets library.

We plan to put a lot of focus on our Widgets Library in the near future. If you’d be up for helping with:

we’d love to have your help. We have a big pile of issues on Github if you’re looking for something you could contribute to.

Website Redesign

Our original website was designed when OpenRelay was a brand new project with a lot of work ahead just to be useful. Today we have several active projects, and we needed a new way to help people find their way to what they need. We built a new website from the ground up with that goal in mind, and we think it captures the growth OpenRelay has had in the last year. Check it out at

Ether Cattle Initiative

For most of this year, OpenRelay has been putting some spare cycles into what we’re calling the Ether Cattle Initiative, to help make Ethereum nodes easier to manage and scale like the rest of our infrastructure. While we’ve been working on it for a while, it’s just starting to reach a usable state, and we’re eager to have people help poke at it. Check it out on Github, and reach out to us on Gitter if you’re interested in helping.