For over a year OpenRelay has been working on what we called the EtherCattle Initiative, with the goal of making Ethereum clients easier to manage operationally. If you want to get it up and running yourself, we have documentation for the open source project on Github.

But for those who want to avoid the overhead of running that infrastructure yourself, we’re happy to announce Rivet — a highly available cloud hosted version of EtherCattle’s codebase — is now in limited beta. Anyone who put their e-mail address on our waiting list in June should have received an invite link already. If this is the first you’re hearing about Rivet, you can still sign up for our limited beta at, and we’ll send you an invite link soon.

During our limited beta, the service is available free of charge for helping us test. In August we will open up to a wider audience and begin charging for use of the service - we will announce our pricing structure in advance of our public release.


Sticking to our roots with OpenRelay, Rivet is committed to open source. Any advances we make for the sake of hosting Rivet will be reflected in the the open source Ether Cattle Initiative.

Rivet is committed to your privacy. We will never sell or willingly share your (or your customers’) data with 3rd parties.

Rivet is committed to transparent pricing. When we start charging in August, our customers will know what they’re paying. You won’t have to talk to a sales person and negotiate - prices will be posted clearly on our website and you can sign up in minutes.

Sign Up Now

If you haven’t already gotten an invite link, head over to to get on the short list for our private beta.